As a child growing up in the Welsh countryside, I used to look out my bedroom window at night to see a small grouping of bushes on top of the hill, and the stars that shone brightly above them. This was usually one of the last things I would see before going to sleep.

At some point I started to dream that I would go up into that field in the middle of the night to observe a small light ship, and the illuminated Angelic beings who had arrived in it. While laying on my tummy as if hiding, I was aware that they knew I was there, and they also new that I knew this meaning that we were complete aware of each others presence. While I can still see this image as clearly as if it this had happened just yesterday, the thing that stood out for me was an overwhelming feeling of love like I have never known. In fact I the best word I know of to describe it is, bliss.

I am not sure how many times I had this dream but it was so real that I used to wake up expecting to see mud on feet. One night I woke suddenly to realize that I had fallen into a deep sleep and that I was having a dream about this experience, and in doing so I had not gone up into the field. I jumped out of bed and in a panic looked out my window to see a huge ball of white fiery light amongst the bushes.

I ran as fast as I could through the kitchen to the back door to get out there, but I could see the this ball of light coming straight towards me at a great speed. Before I could even open the door this ball of white light came straight through the wall, it rolled right past me and before I could say a word, it went through the fireplace and was gone. I was so disappointed and I knew that I was not going to be able to see them again.

In 2020 it was as if the stars aligned and so many of my dreams and visions and synchronicities were brought back into my awareness and I was compelled to do some digging. I truly had a Spiritual Awakening of sorts, and in the process remembered the story of The Burning Bush. Never having been a religious person I was not really familiar with it so did a bit of research. Of course the story was about Moses being instructed to rescue God’s children. This resonated with me in so many ways because I had been having some dreams about being out in the woods with panic stricken children coming towards me to hide.

While this had several other hidden messages, I became more familiar with what was going on in the world and how millions of children had been getting rescued from human trafficking rings. However in saying that I was also becoming more aware of humanity’s need of rescuing from The Matrix.

This once again inspired me to do some more digging and things kept coming back to the bible, which although I have found it incredibly interesting, I had not be familiar with it growing up. In saying that, for the purpose of keeping things short and straight to the point, my research not only confirmed what I had known for a very long time. But it led me to read some transcripts of past life regressions in which the subject had spent a past life as an Essene by the name of Suddi, who happened to be one of Jesus’ teachers.

The thing that was most profound to me was to learn that the reason had been crucified was because he was trying get people think for themselves and to question everything instead of simply going along and believing everything they were being told. This was mind blowing to me, especially considering what has been going on in the world over the past year. Or should I say, what has come to a head and been fully exposed thanks the transition from The Age Of Pisces into The Age Of Aquarius. And that is that we have reached that time where so many people are not so committed to what they see or hear through the media, that they are not even willing to listen to anybody else’s point of view, never mind consider it.

This is an an extremely dangerous situation to be in especially given the fact that so much of the information which comes through the media outlets are handed down by private organizations who have mastered the art of, perception management. Meaning that, they literally have the masses thinking, feeling, believing and acting in exactly the way they want. In other words, is this what it means by being trapped in the Matrix?

As I contemplate this issue I can see the parallel between what is happening now and what Jesus was trying to save his followers from? Here’s the thing though you have to live in the head to be trapped in the Matrix, if you live from the heart it becomes a moot issue.

With that said, if you feel that you need rescuing from the matrix and are ready to connect with your heart, then please sign up for the free course called Angels In Training.

Be Blessed!