As our planet, along with humanity are ascending up to the fifth dimension, and we are shifting to a more cooperative way of life. It is becoming easier for the creator in each of us to manifest, that which I like to refer to as, The Collective Dream, aka Heaven On Earth. This means that it will be possible for manifestation to happen on a much faster timeline, as long as we are in alignment with the plan. With that being The Grandmaster Cosmic Plan.

What this means is that it is becoming more important than ever before, for us to become conscious and aware of what we are wishing or asking for. And that we consider our beautiful planet, humanity, and our universe as a whole, instead of simply thinking about ourselves. By doing so, we will by nature be contributing to The Collective Dream.

So what does The Collective Dream look like? Well how about for starters, a world where every single person on this planet has equal rights and freedoms. A world where we no longer live just to work, but work because we want to bring value to the world by sharing our unique gifts and crafts. While at the same time are able to reap the rewards for our labor, and are paid fairly for our time.

As for rewards, how about a world in which everyone has a safe and comfortable home. Along with access to healthy, fresh organic foods, clean water, and a health care system that focusses on holistic wellness and natural practices of your choosing. This would include any kind of natural healing modalities you would like to work with, natural remedies, and energy healing, such as Quantum Energy Med Beds, which even offer Holographic Regenerative Healing.

How about a world where we all had the time to actually be able to enjoy life. and reconnect with our family, friends and communities. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could in fact go back to living a much simpler kind of life, perhaps like in the 1970s. This of course would mean that our world would no longer stand for poverty, as wealth would have to be shared, and everyone would have the opportunity to live simply to simply live.

You might think that this all sounds so good but doubt that it is possible, and yet NESARA GESARA is being rolled out as we speak. None of this is out of reach and all of it could be attained if we tuned into the Collective Dream, and worked cooperatively to bring this mythical place back into existence. Hmmm…. how about we all contemplate that idea for a while as this may not be as mythical as many might think.

Please comment on what you would like to see manifest as a part of The Collective Dream, aka Heaven On Earth. I’d like to suggest that we focus more on experiences as opposed to possessions, however anything is possible… right?

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