2020 was also the year of a Spiritual Awakening for many, as much of what we saw being exposed had to do with history, religion, the bible, ascended masters and Christianity. This inspired me to hunt for the truth, especially as memories of signs which I had received as a child had been brought to the surface, and seemed to be connected to the information I was driven to search for. This also led me to connect with people whom I had obviously been meant to work with on some level, as it seemed that we were all carrying a different part of a story that I am sure at one point will be told.

This particular awakening was completely unexpected for me especially as I had not been raised under the influence of any kind of religion, nor had I ever really considered myself to be spiritual. In saying that, my attention had turned to the topic of spirituality a few years ago, when I found myself becoming increasingly disturbed by how so many people were allowing themselves to get roped into ideas, that were anything but spiritual in my opinion. I felt so strongly about this that even wrote a book and workshop to help those who were looking for a more authentic spiritual life.

For now though I will just share the photos of the Angels in the clouds (after all, how much more spiritual can you get..), and raise awareness about the importance of raising our frequency and sending positive loving energy out into the Universe so that we can assist Gaia, Mother Earth with her ascension and anchoring into the fifth dimension. This is something that we all need to be aware of and should also become conscious about own personal ascension at the same time.