How To Photograph Angels, Faeries, 4D Critters & Hearts In The Sky

Since I started noticing Angels, Animals, Critters and Faeries in my photographs I began seeing them everywhere. Not only up above me in the clouds, with those being the ones I knowingly photograph, or sometimes even capture on video as they are taking shape or moving across the sky. But I have also seen them appearing in other peoples photos or videos as well. Although it appears that they may not have been aware of what they have captured in the image. Perhaps because they were focusing on something else such as waves crashing up on the beach, the sun setting, a country scene, animals grazing in a field, or a beautiful historic building.

I have even started to notice these images in photos in magazines or on video footage used in television shows. The point being that they are now everywhere just waiting to catch your attention and lift your spirits.

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The reason I am telling you this is because I’d love for my new hobby of cloud watching and photography to inspire you to do the same. Not only are these beautiful cloud formations fascinating, but it is fun and something you can do with your entire family.

Seeing Is Believing – Angels, Animal Faces, & Critters In The Sky

While I can now often see them quite clearly in the clouds this isn’t always the case. In fact I sometimes just get a sense that something is there, or see something that catches my attention. But it often isn’t until I get home and download the photos onto my computer where I can see them on a bigger screen, that I notice them. More importantly, I often rotate the photos onto their sides or so that the picture is upside down before the image reveals itself.

The Perfect Conditions

I believe that the perfect conditions have more to do with you than it does the weather as I have taken wonderful photos no matter what the weather has been like. When I say that it is more to do with you, I am referring to your Heart Coherence. This is when you are in a state of being very present, and your heart and brain are in coherence. In other words you are are physically, mentally, emotionally and therefore spiritually present. This is the natural state you are in when you are doing something that you are really enjoying and you are focusing on just that.

My only warning is that you can literally end up with your head in the clouds, so be careful that you don’t trip over anything. If you end up like me you will become so fascinated by the clouds that you’ll be looking up half the time, and may forget to watch where you are going.


The only equipment I use is my cellphone, which is a Samsung. And the only editing I do is either rotating them like I just mentioned, or cropping the picture to remove anything that might be distracting. As hard as it may be to believe, all of the picture I have taken are organic and authentic.

Heart Shaped Clouds

Besides seeing all the beautiful animals, critters, faeries and angels I also see a lot of hearts. This proves to me that there is a lot of love going into this artistic endeavor in the sky. This heart and arrow formed above the dog park in Ambleside, West Vancouver. There were hundreds of people on the beach but I didn’t see anyone else taking photos of them as they simply are not looking in the right direction.

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