The chances are that by now you would have heard about The Great Awakening, it is after all being talked about on many channels. To clarify what I am referring to, I have laid it out in plain English, in the best way I know how, and while sharing my understanding of it.

2020 has been widely referred to as The Great Awakening, this is because while a huge part of the population has been consumed with what they are seeing and hearing on the news and through the media, about the pandemic event. The rest of us have been watching The Law Of Destruction in all of it’s glory, as it has been unearthing the truth and exposing the deep rooted lies and deception, that has been hidden by the ruling class for thousands of years.

What this has meant is that for many people, they are for the first time ever, hearing about many of the corrupt agendas that had been put in place, sometimes hundreds or even thousands of years ago. And how these agendas have been slowly rolled out in a way that the masses wouldn’t even notice how they had literally been ensnared, or entrapped into a debt slave system, set up by many of the world’s elites whose agendas have typically revolved around using the masses to serve only themselves.

Some of the dark secrets that have really been brought into the light over the past few years have included: showing the magnitude of human trafficking globally; the power the media has over controlling the masses (as well as who really owns it and pulls the strings); how Hollywood and many celebrities had been created as tools for the purpose of luring young people into following, and buying into specific agendas which often include satan worshipping, and pedophilia); the truth about what really happened with the Titanic and the connection to global banking system; 911 Attacks, False Flags, and so much more.

Many of you will have already heard about some of these issue but since they are often so corrupt, and so right in our faces, it could be easy to brush them off as being conspiracy theories. Besides which, we have seen so many huge world events that seem to have been brushed under the rug, that many of us may have lost hope in the truth ever being revealed, neverminded the perpetrators caught and charged. In the not too distant future as the truth is unmasked, we are all going to be looking back on this time, feeling a huge sigh of relief, although probably in disbelief of what has been revealed. And we will truly feel so lucky and appreciative of the rescuers and the rescue missions that have taken place around the globe.

As I see all of this unfolding before our eyes, witnessing the justice that is finally being served, and seeing humanity being freed, I am able to understand something my father told me when I was very young. While I cannot remember what prompted him to tell me this I always remember him saying “well they have to keep everyone under control because if people knew the truth they would all go crazy and rebel”. While I do not why I never asked him what he meant at the time, nor have I questioned him since. I now get it! Because as I watch this beautiful albeit insane story unfold before our eyes, I now know exactly what he was talking about.

The Great Awakening is happening all around the world, and while people are waking up to the truth everyday and some are even starting to do their own digging and sharing of this knowledge as it comes to light. I want to remind everyone that this is only just the beginning, having your eyes opened to the truth is only the first step. And while it may take a while to be able to come to terms with what is being revealed and what has really happened, we must then get up, brush ourselves off and make sure none of this ever happens again.

In saying that, if and when you feel ready then you might find it worthwhile to embrace your own Great Awakening Story. so that then, when you have really gotten it, you may be reminded of your own calling. Who knows, perhaps you are meant to be a part of the rescue of humanity and our planet.

The question you might want to ponder is this… Your Eyes May Be Open, But Are You Really Awake?