When the initial lockdown phase was announced in late March of 2020, I decided to make the most of the freedom we still had, and spent as much time out walking as I could. I also wanted to help people get through what was a terrifying crisis for so many by filming inspiring pep-talks, while out in nature. I have always believed with all of my heart that when we step out into nature, we are much more connected with our living breathing planet, and universe. Not to mention, surrounded by an abundance of life of every form.

It was such an amazing thing to see how everything was thriving, and the signs that our planet was truly healing were everywhere. There were also some very encouraging signs indicating that, the good guys had won. With one of the most obvious being that we were able to see the incredible huge fluffy white clouds against the backdrop of the brilliant deep blue sky, This is something that we have not really seen for many years due to the fact that chemtrails have been aerial sprayed in skies all around the globe on a daily basis. With the weather modification agendas being one of the reasons this has happened.

I have no doubt that the fact that we are seldom ever seeing the chemtrails in the skies now is also the reason we are enjoying seeing the beautiful angelic, heart shaped and 4th, 5th and higher dimensional beings in the sky. Or maybe, they played a role in the divine intervention that helped rescue our beautiful Mother Earth.

I have seen some incredible clouds this past while. The heart on top of this one appeared with seconds. I have photographed a lot of heart shaped clouds. I’ve included the full photo below.

Seem As Though Someone Has A Sense Of Humour…. Hmmm ...