Perhaps part of the reason we are experiencing this awakening and seeing The Law Of Destruction in all of its glory is because we are transitioning out of the Piscean Age, and into The Age Of Aquarius. With it comes great change, and in order for that to happen then we need to break down the old to make way for the new, but we need to do this from an awakened state so that we become conscious creators of our own reality as we move forward, and into the future.

The Law Of Destruction states, that which becomes ultimately successful self destructs. Considering we are watching the Piscean Age crumble it is no longer able to conceal it’s dirty, dark and deceptive secrets, meaning that everything is being exposed. The Piscean Age was known for the old “ruler” systems such as the monarchy, the ruling class, human bondage, imprisonment, and all of the systems that had been created for the purpose of overpowering the masses, ruling, control and ultimately enslavement.

As we move into The Age Of Aquarius we are moving towards freedom, which may be why the evils that gripped the Piscean Age have pulled out all the stops, and have unleashed war on all of our freedoms. We are seeing this through the information war as so much of the news now is about FEAR FEAR FEAR, it is after all the number one weapon of mass destruction of the mind and personal courage. Don’t be fooled by this, because so much of the FEAR PORN and FAKE NEWS that we have been watching has been unleashed on unsuspecting viewers and media consumers, because it is the absolute best way to get those who fall for this trick to surrender their freedoms, and comply with whatever the narrative is pumping into their minds.

We are also seeing this through the spiritual war which has been designed to keep our frequencies low and prevent our planet from ascending to the firth dimension. This is why it is so important for us to rise above our fears and live from our hearts, because when we do, then it is game over and we win.

It is time to Rise And Shine people, we need to focus on our own ascension and we need to learn how to ignite our own Flame Of Courage and live from our hearts.