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Welcome, I am so glad that you have come to visit my channel which I have called Half Way To Heaven – Life On The 5th Dimension. A site which I created after finding Angels, Angelic Beings, and 4th and 5th dimensional characters in so many of the photos and videos I have taken over the past year.

At first, other than being in awe, I really didn’t know what to make of this phenomenon. Other than the fact that their presence must have something to do with the mass ascension of humanity. As we, along with our beautiful planet ascends, or jumps to a 5D timeline. And we transition into one of, if not the greatest times in the history of the World. With that being The Golden Age Of Aquarius.

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Given the fact that this all started in 2020, a year of great turmoil for many, and a time when we have been witnessing the Universal Law Of Destruction in all it’s glory. Which by the way, is the reason so many people are experiencing their own Great Awakening Story now, not the mention the fact that We The People, aka humanity, are experiencing shifts on a collective level. I can only reason that these beings are here to watch over us, guarding and keeping us safe during these unprecedented times.

With that said, and the fact that I have witnessed so many incredible things over the past few years. I can only hope that others will too become aware of the mystical beauty throughout the universe. And inspired to not only connect with these Angelic Realms, but to also awaken to the truth that we too are multidimensional spiritual beings. Who by the way would do very well to become more conscious about, and invested in our own personal ascension.

Besides which, my hope is that these photographs will inspire each and every one of you, to spend more time looking up and connecting with these beings, and our beautiful Universe. And, that the presence of these Angelic Beings will help you to Rise Above Your Fears. While at the same time, inspire you to help raise the hopes and spirits of others as part of your Life Mission here on Planet Earth.

My Celestial Connection With The Angelic Horses

Solarris, Pegasus, Hengroen

Solarris Pegaus

I have photographed several Angelic horses in the clouds. This one I have called Solarris Pegasus because when I was eleven years old I bought a beautiful pony named Candy. We were later surprised to find she was in foal, and she gave birth to a gorgeous, very pale palomino coloured (almost white) colt. I struggled to find the perfect name for him, but when he was about four months old my mother suggested calling him Rosilli, which is the name of a town in Wales, near where I grew up. I really liked the sound of it and and decided that was to be his name, however, from that point on I kept calling him Solarris by mistake, which was really strange because I had never even heard that word before. Solarris seemed quite happy with his name, and since it suited him so well, and it was meant to be I decided that this was who he was to be christened as, Solarris.

Solarris My beautiful Arcturian Horse, Son of Candy, Step Brother Of Ruby

PegasusGreek Mythology & Constellation – The White Horse With Wings

Celeris Greek Mythology – Son Of Pegasus – White Colt

Hengroen White Colt Found By King Arthur, He also had a mare named Llamrie

In 2020, while experiencing a bit of a Spiritual Awakening that was sparked by memories as a child, I became fixated on finding the meaning and origin of his name, Solarris and discovered that it means Of The Sun. The thing that was amazing though was that no sooner did I decide to do this and a video came up with a title saying that Arcturians often take on the body of a horse. This struck a chord with me because I have always loved horses, and had four of them while living in Wales. And while I never saw any connection, I used to dream about ETs, which I believe are Angelic beings, when I was a child.

During my search of the origin of the name Solarris I also found out that in more recent years, I believe it was 2016, a newly discovered star was spotted in the Constellation of Pegasus. The astronomers who discovered this star, named it Solaris.

The Constellation Pegasus is connected to Pegasus The Ancient Greek Mythical White Horse With Wings. Intrigued by what seemed like such a fitting coincidence, I decided to read up on Pegasus The Winged Horse. I was absolutely amazed to learn that during his amazing life he had a mate named Equuleus, and together they had a foal, a white colt whom they named Celeris. Although a different spelling the pronunciation is the same of both Solarris and Celeris (Celeris mean swiftness or to jump into action). I am still lost for words…. talk about signs in the sky… As a side note, I would like to encourage you to follow the signs, they may not always be as mystical as this story, but still… I highly suggest that you do this because they often have deep meaning in your life.

Does This Look Like An Island In The Sky To You? Perhaps It Is Avalon, Atlantis, Lemuria, I’m In AWE!!! Awen…

On this site you will find just a very small selection of the thousands of pictures I have taken over the years which include anomalies such as orbs, lightships, spirit animals, faces in the clouds and even a ghost. While I have not been able to photograph everything I have seen or experienced, I am happy to say that my collection is growing by the day.

I truly hope that you enjoy viewing the photographs which I have posted here, as well as the videos I share on social media. And I invite you to share them along with the messages of faith, hope, love and inspiration which they carry. I’d love to be able to send you my latest work as it becomes available, and to keep you in the loop of any new movements that I may be initiating, such as the Angel Photo Challenge, the Angels For The Children’s Rescue Challenge, or the Angels For Patriots Challenge. So if you would like to join the ever growing list of Angel and Faery loving fans, I would be happy to include you in this.

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I also hope you will join me on our Ascension Journey as Life on the 5th Dimension, aka Half Way To Heaven is full of wonderful surprises.

Is This Proof Of The 4th or 5th Dimensions? Half Way To Heaven?

How Many Of God’s Creatures Do You See In The Clouds?

The picture above is of the clouds, it was as if the heavens opened up and was one of the most incredible experiences. I took video and photographs, and this is just one of the shots that I have. I often don’t see the details until I download the photos and am able to look at them without the sun shinning in my eyes.

Faeries and Angels live on the planes of the 4th and 5th dimensions. I sometimes look at some of the photos and can hardly believe what I am looking at. In the top right corner is a large owl, which is a spirit animal, on the left is a large Lion figure from the Faery Kingdom… Bible??? There are several other critters and characters in this photograph and as with most of the photographs you will see faces within the faces. And if you turn the photographs upside down or onto their sides you will very often find additional faces and figures.

This Angel Looks Biblical Doesn’t He?…. Who Do You Think He Could Be?

How beautiful is he? While this Praying Angel is very clearly defined, I did not see him until after I turned the photograph on its side. You really have to look at the bigger picture because many of the Angels and other characters are either surrounded by other figures, tilted on their sides, or turned upside down. Please feel free to share my pictures on social media or with your friends. I just ask that you do not alter them in anyway and direct others to visit this site.

Earth Mission – Let’s Flood This Universe With Hope, Faith, Love & Inspiration By Sharing A Little Joy

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