Who Will Be The Leaders Of Tomorrow?

Greetings Patriots,

Have you been wondering about who the leaders of tomorrow will be? It is something that we should all start thinking about as we know for sure that change is on the horizon. When I say this though, I am not necessarily referring to world leaders, or leaders of countries, or even politicians at any level for that matter, as I am thinking about much closer to home. About the leaders who move within our own circles and communities, the ones who we look up to and trust on a daily basis. More importantly, what about us, and how we each lead our own lives?

Let’s face it, many of us have given up on this at some point either because we have fallen into the trap of allowing others to lead our lives for us, especially where important decisions are concerned. Or we have fallen into the habit of just letting life happen to us, as if we didn’t even have a choice. Many of us have been guilty of this in any number ways, and as we are beginning to see, these bad habit have not only been very costly for some, but potentially damaging and dangerous. Not to mention the fact that this is no way to lead a happy, healthy, and purposeful life.

I propose that We The People who were born with free will, take back the control over our own lives and become the leaders of tomorrow. And that instead of waiting for permission to start living our lives again, we take a stance and begin plotting how, and where we are going to take back our freedom along with that leadership role. It is time that we start trusting ourselves instead of putting all of our trust in others. And that we declare our sovereign rights and independence over our own lives, and how we chose to lead it. It is time that we start leading from our hearts, instead of our heads.

We have lived in a top down leadership society for too long now, and it is time that we flip that up onto it’s head, and start leading from the bottom up in a much more inclusive kind of fashion. It is time that we put a stop to this waiting for permission to live our lives again, and instead take back our power and make our own choices. As humans we have free will, don’t you think that it is about time that we start exercising it?

So again my question is, who will be the leaders of tomorrow. Before you answer that though… I’m going to suggest that you stand in front of a mirror and take a good look at who is looking back at you. And then ask…why not you? Are you up for the challenge, because the world is full of followers and is desperate need of more people who are not only willing to lead, but who want to lead from the heart.

It’s time to rise and shine patriots. Don’t forget to hold your flame of courage high. You are far stronger than you have probably ever dared to believe and there is no time like the present to start proving that to yourself.

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