I was very fortunate in that I grew up in the Welsh countryside. And having horses, I was outside walking the fields, surrounded by nature and immersed in an abundance of life, every single day. I also did a lot of cloud watching while riding over the mountains and moors. I absolutely loved it, and appreciated not only the fact that I felt so alive and free, but when you truly allow yourself to connect with nature you cannot help but be in awe.

The sights and the sounds and the colours, and the smells, and the energy, and of course the taste of real organic fresh fruit and vegetables bring all of your senses to life. Not to mention the fact that you become more grounded, centered and calm. Tuning into nature in this way, and appreciating what is happening all around you will also help to sync your heart with your brain. This is what is known as Heart Coherence, it is a state where your heart and mind are aligned and in agreeance with each other and are therefore at peace.

Unfortunately I had to move away from that beautiful place because my family was emigrating to Canada. As a result I later ended up suffering with debilitating anxiety and panic attacks for about ten years. I spent years researching how to overcome this and tried everything which seemed to be available to me, but nothing seemed to work.

It was only after turning back to nature, and acknowledging our mind body connection and how we can tap into and master our innate healing energy, that I was finally able to fully overcome from this crippling condition. It was also then that I could look back and see that, the cause of this horrible disorder for me was the fact that I had become completely disconnected from who I really was at the core. Meaning that I was no longer living the life I loved, or leading my life from my place of power which emanated from my heart. What this meant was that I had unwittingly started to live in my head, instead of my heart. In other words, I had become disconnected from my spirt, a condition that I now refer to as being, spiritually disconnected.

I mention this now because I am very aware of the amount of fear in peoples lives, and on the planet right now. Fear is a very low energy frequency, and as humans, we radiate this energy out into the world. This means that if we are fearful then we are sending this feeling out into the collective consciousness, where it is then picked up by those around us, while at the same time we are also unwittingly feeding of that low vibration as well. This is a fact by the way, which can be scientifically proven for those of you who would rather data instead of trusting your own intuition and instincts.

So as you can see, we now need to focus on healing ourselves, so that in turn we can help to heal and protect our planet and all sentient beings and living systems. And we can start to do this by getting back out in nature and living in a state of wonder and awe. Perhaps cloud watching and photography would be a great way to start.

Take The Angel Photo Challenge…

Besides being fun, there is also an added bonus to this activity. I mentioned earlier about the mind body connection so thought I’d share this interesting little tip with you. Wherever you direct your eyes, your attention will follow. Also, when we look up towards the sky and the clouds, we are bringing our attention up out of those negative low energy feelings and emotions of fear, therefore, disconnecting from those heavy feelings and connecting with higher frequency vibes.

If you do become an avid cloud watcher as I am, you will soon be amazed at what you see, and will experience that state of awe and wonder. You cannot experience these heightened emotions and elevated energy frequency at the same time you are experiencing the frequency of fear. They simply cannot occupy the same space, so since awe and wonder or love are higher frequencies than fear, guess which feeling is going to win the battle to get your attention.

Our goal should always be to live in these higher states of being, this is what ascension is all about, the rising up of energy and living from our hearts. Among other things, when we actively participate in our own ascension we live in a higher vibrational frequency, and this can, and will positively change every single aspect of your life.

If you do manage to get some great photos of angelic beings or fabulous clouds, please feel free to send them to me and I will post some of them on this site.

Shine on…


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