Dear Patriots, aka Lights, Luminaries, Angels In Training & Spiritual Warriors. Yes, that means you! All of you who have either answered the call, are in the midst of your own awakening, or who are at least beginning to remember that you have a purpose for being on earth at this very time in history. It is time to remember your purpose and get with the plan. Yes, The Plan! That Plan! The Grand Master Plan… The plan which you are constantly being reminded to trust.

Have a little faith, it isn’t over yet, far from it in fact! As the truth is that we are only just beginning to get started. Need I remind you that we have been witnessing The Law Of Destruction in all of its glory? Remember, this Universal Law states, that which becomes ultimately successful, destroys itself. It self destructs!

What has been self destructing you might ask? Well that would be the old system that has never given up on their ideals of enslaving humanity. The ruling class as they like to think of themselves, the globalist elites. In saying that though, they have had a little help with their self destruction, from the good guys. All is being revealed thanks to the transition from The Piscean Age into The Age Of Aquarius. The Golden AgeTalk about a transition to greatness! Nudge nudge wink wink say no more….

The point is though that we are almost free. We must believe this, and we must unite to help each other transition into one of the greatest times this planet has seen since the moment of her creation. Our planet has been going through an ascension and we must now do our part to assist with life on the fifth dimension. Halfway To Heavenno less!

It is time to let the healing begin. What this means is that each one of us needs to reignite our own Flame Of Courage, and we need to let that flame burn brightly. We must begin living from our hearts, which means we need to start listening to our own intuition, and trusting ourselves instead of putting all of our trust into others. Especially as we have now seen how these false idols that so many of us have unwittingly surrendered our power over to in the past, did not have good intentions for humanity. This is what led humanity to the brink of destruction, the place we found ourselves in as ruling class showed the entire human race how easy it has been for them to lockdown the entire planet and take away our freedoms. And they did with the blessing of the masses who dared not even question who they really were, never mind their motives.

Have faith, as each and everyone of you reconnects with your hearts you will rise above the fear which has blanketed our beautiful planet. As you ignite and stoke your own flame of courage that resides inside of your, you will feel your inner strength, and will remember who you truly are at the core, and the mission you are a part of. It is time to start thinking about The Collective Dream, and how we can each defend it.

Pep Talks For Patriots Will Updated Regularly As A Blog Post.

I will be posting regular pep talks but will post them as individual blogs. Please check back.

Thank you,